Our Mission & Values

The aim of Posidonia Green Project is to promote an eco-responsible society linking human well-being with a special focus on marine environmental protection.


Posidonia Green Project is an organic structure along the whole Mediterranean, however maintaining an oceanic perspective. The organization plays following three strategical areas resulting by the sustainability basis: Science & innovation, Communication & Dissemination, Policy & lobbying.


Promoting the change of habits through the participation of the society for the environmental conservation of marine ecosystems facing the
challenges currently affecting the planet.
To achieve the mission Posidonia Green Project strongly believes that
collaborations are the basis. Thus, build up networks, experiences, knowledges
and best practices exchanges between private and public sectors, including
NGOs and universities, is the core of our day to day effort.


Commitment, Synergy, Participation, Sustainability, Blue Planet.



We strongly believe that each one of us is part of the change that wants to see in the world. You change, your surroundings are changing the world will change.


Without limits for the planet preservation a global vision is needed, ecosystems are without boundaries.


Make a room for creativity and innovation to get a space in which science and art can share competences boosting an eco-sustainable zone where the transformations are possible.


Producing opportunities for citizens beating the challenges to achieve the blue planet protection.


Cause of it is the only way to succeed.